Benefits of Investing in Private Mortgages

Here are some of the benefits of investing in private RRSP Arm’s Length Mortgages…

  • Tax Refund: Save taxes and get a big tax refund by contributing your own cash or credit into your RRSP, and then loaning those funds as an RRSP mortgage.
  • High Return on Investment: Consistently beat most mutual funds and even the stock market year after year.
  • Full Control: You choose which mortgages to invest in. Unlike most mutual funds where a fund manager decides where your money goes.
  • Simplified Retirement Planning: No more timing the market or worrying about re-balancing your portfolio. RRSP mortgages provide a pre-defined, consistent return that allows you to protect future account balances and know exactly how much will be in your account years from today.
  • Pre-defined Investment Term: The term of the mortgage investment is defined up front, so you know exactly when you’ll get your initial money back, plus interest.
  • Secured Investment: Unlike stocks and mutual funds, RRSP mortgages are secured by something physical - a piece of Canadian Real Estate. If the borrower doesn’t pay, you get the property.
  • Hands-off Investment: Once setup, this is a completely hand-off investment.

About the author

Hi there, my name is Alain St. Pierre, founder of Mr. Arm’s Length Mortgage and ASP Canada Real Estate Group. My passion is to teach Canadians how to invest in mortgages using their RRSP’s (and other registered accounts). I’ve become the defacto “Arm’s Length Mortgage” guy, as Ranked #1 on Google